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Our history


The story of Rodizio began with an innovative idea of promoting a bit more of Brazil and its culture to the Netherlands. We have done this by bringing you one of Brazillian best exports: its cuisine! Brazillian meat is the best in the world, well known for its quality.

Restaurant Rodizio wanted to make a difference. We are presenting the Gaucho way of preparing meat! This is one aspect of the centuries-old Gaucho culture, a rich blend of traditions from European immigrants and Brazilian natives. It was developed in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil.

The churrasco is an important element of this culture. The Gaucho way of roasting meats over pits of open fire for delicious barbecues is always present at festive celebrations, especially family occasions. The young boys would learn how to grill the meats the Gaucho way from their fathers, becoming the caretakers of a culinary tradition passed down from generation to generation for more than three centuries.

In 2007 the Rodizio restaurant was opened in the heart of Scheveningen, just next to the Kurhaus. With the help of the talented hands of Paul Linse, the building was ready to open its doors in December. Since then it has been attracting many visitors from different parts of the country, especially cities around Den Haag. We are approaching our 2 year anniversary. After two years of determination and dedication to excellence, we are proud to offer the best Brazilian experience in The Netherands.

Gaúchos Tradition


The Churrasco Brazillian barbeque is a traditional feast that has been celebrated in Brazil for centuries.
The feast originates from the southern region of Brazil called ‘Rio Grande do Sul’ where most meat products come from. The Gaúchos, Brazilian cowboys, roasted the meat on skewers. The meat was marinated with simple seasoning and served with salads, Brazilian rice and beans. The best-roasted meat was shared with each family.

The inhabitants of Pampas i.e. vast open fields of northeast Argentina, South Brazil, Uruguay and part of Paraguay, known as Gaúchos, were a cultural and blood mestizo. He inherited the tenacity from the natives of the region.

The man of the Pampas dressed according to his lifestyle. Being a cattle hunter, then a estanciero, the Gaúcho dressed in a way that facilitated each role: the chirip (a kind of skirt), the poncho, the palla, the cannon boots, the shirt with wide sleeves. He wore nothing that could obstruct his open movements.

Now you can enjoy the same type of Churrasco in The Hague.
There are more than 20 different salads, side dishes and meat selections served. It is a unique and healthy way of roasting meat over a mesquite flame that preserves tenderness and gives a taste unmatched by any other. Arriving at Rodizio, you will encounter an unlimited buffet with mouth-watering typical dishes and salads. The passador (meat waiter) will come to your table with different selections of meat at a time, serving it as you desire. Enjoy!

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