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Workshop Percussion

Why not try to follow the rhythm?

Restaurant Rodizio in Scheveningen, in partnership with Redondo, is proud to organise vibrant percussion workshops, an excellent opportunity for a company outing or a family event!
Under the guidance of professional Brazilian teachers, you and your colleagues and/or friends will learn in an hour one of the oldest forms of communication: drums!
The percussion workshop is excellent as an opening, ending or part of a trainings- or study day, conference, congress, symposium, staff day or group meeting. A great way for a team-building excercise!

After the workshop you definitely will be hungry! This is no problem as you are already in the right place!
At restaurant Rodizio our waiters, dressed as authentic Gauchos, will be waiting to serve you with the finest meats, brought directly to your table.
Workshops can be booked daily from 11:00 till 16:00.
Lunch is served from 12:00 onwards, dinner is served from 16:00 onwards.

To make a reservation, or simply call us (070) 322 53 73.
Email & Electronic Form Reservation: We will send a confirmation to your email address to confirm your booking, please include your telephone number (preferably mobile) in case we need to contact you.
In the event that you do not receive our confirmation for any reason please call us to confirm.
If your booking is within 24 hrs, please call us direct as Email or Electronic booking cannot be guaranteed.

Just € 22,50 per person for workshop + regular price of dinner or lunch.


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Have a nice night out with Rodizio and Pathé!